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We are launching the digital asset exchange, Qoinup, with the goal to provide our users throughout India with the means to trade Rupees against the major digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and others. We want to give more Indians access to cryptocurrency investment — an intelligent and safer alternative to investing in securities like stocks, bonds and mutual funds. At the moment there is a lot of misconceptions and uncertainties surrounding cryptocurrencies. Different countries are expected to pass different legislation, restrictions and regulations on trading digital assets. However, the Indian Blockchain committee has clarified that cryptocurrencies are not going to be banned in India making it the ideal time to launch a cryptocurrency exchange specifically developed for the Indian market. 



Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the future


The feeling of missing out on great opportunities because you didn’t take action in time can be devastating. Who would not wish they had bought Bitcoins when a Bitcoin costed less than a lunch? But the truth is, we are just beginning to see the top of the iceberg for what blockchain technology will become. We believe that the worse thing anyone can do is not doing anything at all. But the fact is that we just did not know how big Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies would be. And without that knowledge, investing in technology is a risky move. So it is equally problematic not having the right information to make qualified decisions on. Qoinup is a platform for informed investors to trade fiat against digital assets in their own language. Signing up and having a deposit ready in your wallet, gives you the choice to take action when the time is right and you know what you are buying into. Time the market right, and your investments can become highly profitable.





Behind Qoinup are the cousins, Ajinkya and Siddhesh Kadam. When we first got into cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology back in 2012, very few people had discovered or found interest in the field. But we observed the way the industry evolved and the way crypto prices kept going up. We quickly discovered how the technology solved some of our own problems, and how the blockchain technology could make life easier for everyone. That became the beginning of our journey to set up an India-based crypto exchange, to solve some of the issues of trading on global exchanges in our country. Back then few exchanges had mushroomed in India. We went through all the forums and made a note of all the issues that users faced in their day to day trading activities. So that way we could address them on our exchange. We also met with a lot a people in the industry. People joined and people left, and the project did not take off. But when we finally got the right team together and got the right support, we knew that it was time to move on from our corporate careers in traditional industries and embarked on our mission to reshape crypto trading in India.


Ajinkya Kadam

Ajinkya Kadam was responsible for conceptualising and initiating the Qoinup project. Other people have joined since, but it was Ajinkya who was the driving force right from the start. It was his long standing association with cryptocurrencies and technology, stretching all the way back to 2012, that laid the foundation for the project. Ajinkya started his cryptocurrency journey when bitcoin was at $40, just to try it out. That led to extensive research on the blockchain concept, and a firm conviction that this technology had the potential to change the world. As a seasoned crypto investor, Ajinkya Kadam partly funded his MBA through crypto profits. Before the emergence of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Ajinkya was an esteemed management professional in international shipping circles. His corporate career in the shipping industry, then moved ashore in Singapore, where he managed sales and purchases of ships. 


Siddhesh Kadam

Siddhesh Kadam is the Co-Founder of Qoinup and responsible for developing the company’s strategy for using technological resources. He is a certified Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Specialist and holds a Master of Science from USA. Siddhesh draws on his extensive experience in technology to co-develop a fiat to crypto exchange dedicated to his home country, India. He is a member of the Bitcoin Foundation, Blockchain Association of Canada and World Blockchain Association. Siddhesh is also a bitcoin miner and an early investor in digital currencies. He has a passion for understanding emerging technologies and serves on the board of various startups.





Qoinup is your gateway to the crypto sphere, giving you a secure and transparent platform for exchanging Fiat to Cryptocurrency, serving Indian crypto investors. Register today and get started!!!!


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